Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Become an MVP Member of PEOPLE

Disclaimer: This program is an AFSCME Member's only Program. I apologize to non AFSCME member's who read this that you cannot join or contribute financially to this program.

The PEOPLE Program is set-up in a tiered contributory manner:

With a modest contribution of $100 during the calendar year you are automatically an MVP Member of PEOPLE. As an appreciation you will receive an MVP Jacket. If you can afford a contribution of $250 during your first year you will receive a Gold and Silver Watch. For all members who contribute $500 per year there is a great new item to be announced.

As a second year MVP Member you will receive a pen set.
As a fifth year MVP Member you will receive a pullover zippered shirt
As a tenth year MVP Member you will receive a polo shirt
As a fifteenth year VP Member you will receive a Canton Fleece Jacket

There is not a mandatory amount set-up to become a PEOPLE Member. All contributions during the year are accepted.

Political Action Program of AFSCME

PEOPLE is a voluntary program that all members of AFSCME and their families may contribute to. This program provides necessary dollars to fuel legislative and political programs. These dollars are spent at local, state, and national levels.